About us

Asian Design House Co. Ltd

Asian Design House Co., Ltd was established in 2004 with the mission to deliver distinctive decorative lightings and decorative products with outstanding quality at the affordable price worldwide.

Our core value and competency have always been to make the best use of natural resources and turn them into a modern product with the reflection of its core beauty – mother nature.  We target the use of natural resources in Thailand in the most sustainable way possible.

In 2006, we began to manufacture and promote wooden lamps inspired by shapes of nature. We are now into the 15th year of our journey, the company has grown substantially with increasing interest from international clients and partners who appreciates mother nature like we do. Now we are serving clientele from more than 50 countries around the world.


 All our products are marketed under our brand, O’THENTIQUE.  Starting with the iconic image of Nature’s Fingerprint reflecting a groundbreaking mixture of tradition and innovation.

O’THENTIQUE has 3 fundamental values which are synonymous with the concept of our products:

  1. Sustainability – the use of natural and recyclable materials.
  2. Distinctive Design – reflect natural beauty with contemporary design.
  3. Mastering craftsmanship – use traditional and authentic ways in crafting to reflect nature true beauty.

We ensure highest quality of craftsmanship on all our lamps, each is skillfully crafted to reflect its true uniqueness.

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Our team

At the Asian Design House Co., Ltd and O’THENTIQUE, we begin our business with love, passion, dedication and commitment in bringing the best out of Thai natural resources and handicraft with a twist of modern design to our customers and business partners around the world – now with over 50 countries and looking to expand even further!

We have a team of young and driven professionals who strive to meet any demands of our customers and partners, the sky is the limit for our imagination!

We also have a solid and reliable quality control and logistic teams to make sure the quality and export process are well managed and the goods will arrive safe and sound at the client’s doorstep.

Our products

O’THENTIQUE natural wooden lamps are inspired by Asian’s tropical nature.  The lamps are made from naturally shaped wooden vines, roots, tree trunks and branches, so we bring home for you mother nature from Thailand.

We beautified pieces of natural roots, tree trunks, tree branches and wooden vines by washing, sanding and treating all aspects of the masterpiece to reveal the remarkable texture and beauty underneath. With skilled craftsmanship, the pieces of wood are assembled together to create one of a kind wooden table lamps, floor lamps and chandeliers.  We also ensure that our product is safe at your home, all our lamps are CE, ROHS, UL and CUL compliant.